Midwest Corporate Living provides short-term furnished housing solutions for a variety of clients. Business professionals today travel more than ever and often for extended periods. Having accommodations of their own, that provides the comfort of home is essential to their productivity on the job. Corporate Housing is also a viable and cost effective option to the employers. For a fraction of the cost of a typical extended stay hotel, the traveler has the comforts of home and the conveniences of hotel living plus has the ability to prepare their own meals, saving companies hundreds of dollars monthly in per diems.

Our clients are….

  • Human Resource Professional – working directly with local companies and their HR departments to provide a short-term solution for new hires, project teams, and contract labor.
  • Relocation Companies – Assisting in the relocation of new hires and employees being transferred to a new area.
  • Medical Professionals – Traveling Nurses, Physicians and Medical Students.
  • Insurance Companies – Assisting in the placement of families when they have experienced a catastrophic loss of their primary residence.
  • Military Families – Families of our servicemen and woman prior to being deployed for service or on LOA.
  • Realtors – Assisting their clients with short-term housing options if they are new to an area or between homes.
  • Consultants – Traveling consultants working in the area with local companies.
  • Professional Sports Teams – Athletes, coaches and families needing short-term housing for training camps, seasonal schedules and mid-season player trades.
  • Higher Education – Students and professors seeking advanced degrees and curriculum as a part of their professions, as well as international students studying in the US requiring furnished housing.